List of things I want to accomplish in life

In my previous post, I said I was going to come up with a list of things I hope to accomplish in life. The article I read said to come up with 100. Well, I came up with 60. [Edit: now 87!]

I’ll dwell on this list for the next week and I’ll add or subtract over that time. Afterwards, I need to divide what I list into 3 categories:

  • Things that I need skills for
  • Things that I can do immediately
  • Things that I need time for

Some of the things I listed could easily be broken into several things, such as wanting to step foot on all seven continents. I’ve only been in two so that could have been split into 5 separate things.

Some of this stuff seems so “bucket list”-esque. I was going to add bungee jumping and skydiving. But that honestly is not something I have an urge to do so NAH.

I want to create. And create a lot of things. Trying (really trying) to be less of a victim of consumerist culture and trying to create more.

So here’s my current draft of what I’d like to accomplish:

  1. Travel to all 50 states (must spend at least one night in state)
  2. Step foot on all seven continents
  3. Learn how to confidently ride a bike
  4. Become my own businessman – own my own business
  5. Record a song (possibly a collaboration?!)
  6. Write the greatest love song ever
  7. Establish an exercise routine
  8. Cook and master a few Filipino dishes
  9. Speak and write Tagalog fluently – at a high school level
  10. Learn how to DJ (with turntables!)
  11. Produce mixtapes
  12. Learn how to produce music
  13. Learn how to read music
  14. Possess basic basketball skills in dribbling and shooting
  15. Tough Mudder
  16. Record a documentary about the experiences of my parents and their friends when they first immigrated to America
  17. Record a documentary interviewing the people who have meant the most to me in my life
  18. My Letters Project
  19. Run a half-marathon
  20. Create a music video for one of my favorite songs
  21. Perform slam poetry
  22. Go legit camping outdoors
  23. Paddle boat at the Tidal Basin
  24. Get married to the love of my life (Hello…it’s me.)
  25. Publish a Ferwangatang video
  26. Visit the Vatican
  27. Learn how to tread water
  28. Attend SXSW
  29. Walk the Great Wall of China
  30. Attend a show on Broadway (UGHHH HAMILTON)
  31. Visit Easter Island and see the Moais
  32. Play one song on guitar
  33. Be a Vlogger
  34. See the Northern Lights
  35. Become a teacher in some capacity
  36. Have a prominent position in a volunteer organization
  37. Have a road trip of epic proportions
  38. Walk the Siq in Petra
  39. Visit the largest salt lake at Salar de Uyuni
  40. Write a book (or two)
  41. Attend the ultimate sporting event of my favorite sports team (e.g. Superbowl, last game of NBA Finals, etc.)
  42. Learn how to garden
  43. Create my family’s family tree
  44. Have a slow dance with someone
  45. Own a tailored suit
  46. Write my will (no-brainer)
  47. Be an extra in a movie
  48. Attend the Summer Olympics
  49. Go fishing
  50. Go scuba diving / snorkeling (once I learn how to swim)
  51. Have a booklet of my own poetry
  52. Have a booklet of my writings I’m most proud of
  53. Attend Songkran Water Festival
  54. Step up my tea game
  55. Have a bonfire
  56. Go stargazing (oooh romantic!)
  57. Retire early (before 50)
  58. Try being vegetarian for a….month?
  59. Have a legitimate blog 🙂
  60. Go on a cruise
  61. Own property (AND PROFIT ON THEM JOINTS?!)
  62. Walk the Camino
  63. Have my own family GASP
  64. Do neat Microelectronics projects (Arduino?)
  65. Study the Bible and be well-versed
  66. Be an active part of a church ministry
  67. Upgrade my wardrobe
  68. Look at everything that I own and get rid of the things I REALLY DON’T NEED
  69. Learn how to build a website
  70. Certified masseuse
  71. Finish reading A Primer for Philosophy & Education
  72. Read Perks of Being a Wallflower
  73. Read Egotrips Rap Lists
  74. Learn how to do laundry
  75. Read You can understand the bible
  76. Read Dark Blue Suit by Peter Bacho
  77. Read The Kite Runner
  78. Travel business? Tour guide?
  79. Learn how to do laundry
  80. FInd your cologne
  81. Make a bed every morning
  82. How to tie a half-windsor necktie knot and other ties
  83. Perfect the art of conversation
  84. Change a flat tire and other car work
  85. Set up a schedule for maintaining my car (check Day 20 of ArtOfManliness book)
  86. How to iron
  87. Video recording/editing

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